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S in October , after a renewed offensive on Aleppo by Syrian and Russian troops. Russian President Vladimir Putin denied favoring the eventual winner of the political contest, Donald Trump. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton suggested that Putin and the Russian government meddled in the American election process, which led to her loss to Trump.

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ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using ThoughtCo, you accept our. The struggle between the United States and the Soviet Union for domination in certain sectors and parts of the world is dubbed the Cold War. The Soviets launch Sputnik , the first manmade object to orbit the Earth.

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The Soviets shoot down an American spy plane gathering information over Russian territory. Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev uses his shoe to bang on his desk at the United Nations while the American delegate is speaking. The stationing of U. A series of summits and discussions, including the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks , between the United States and the Soviet Union led to a thawing of tensions, a "detente.

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American and Soviet astronauts link the Apollo and Soyuz while in earth's orbit. At the Winter Olympics, the American men's hockey team scored a very surprising victory against the Soviet team. A nuclear power plant in the Soviet Union Chernobyl, Ukraine explodes spreading contamination over a huge area. At a summit in Reykjavik , Iceland, U.

A group of hard-liners stages a coup against Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev. They take power for less than three days. In the final days of December, the Soviet Union dissolved itself and was replaced by 15 different independent states, including Russia. The Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction program launches to help former Soviet states secure vulnerable nuclear material, referred to as " loose nukes.

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The first of 11 U. Russians and Americans occupy the jointly built International Space Station for the first time. Russia says it will veto an American-backed plan to grant independence to Kosovo. An American plan to build an anti-ballistic missile defense system in Poland draws strong Russian protests. A violent military conflict between Russia and Georgia highlights a growing rift in U. Edward Snowden, a former CIA employee and a contractor for the United States government, copied and released hundreds of thousands of pages of secret U. After the collapse of the Ukraine government.

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Bilateral negotiations over Syria were unilaterally suspended by the U. In , American intelligence and security officials accuse the Russian government of being behind massive cyber-hackings and leaks that aimed at influencing the U. The Soviet Union and its relationship with the World are of great significance in understanding the modern world, not least in terms of the legacies of Soviet foreign policy in contemporary Russia and Eastern Europe.

Considering the Soviet Union as a global power, the module will provide students with a detailed overview of the development and implementation of Soviet foreign policy during the twentieth century and how the Soviet Union engaged with foreign powers.

The Cold War: 1917 - 1991

It will examine controversies in the historiography, make some use of primary documents, and consider internal and external pressures, and explore continuity and change in foreign policy before, during and after the existence of the Soviet Union. Lectures: 1.

The Russian Revolution and the World 3. World Revolution and Normalization, 5. Socialism in One Country and the Third Period 6. The Soviet Union and Nazi-Germany, 7.


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Soviet Intervention in the Spanish Civil War The Great Patriotic War The Grand Alliance Brezhnev, Developed Socialism and Detente Gorbachev and the Demise of the Soviet Union Russian Foreign Policy in the s Seminars: 1. The Russian Revolution and Foreign Reactions 2. Diverging Paths of Soviet Foreign Policy in the s 3. Crises and Confrontations, 6. Brinkmanship and Solutions in the s and s. Improving own Learning and Performance Students will be advised on how to improve research and communication skills through the individual tutorial providing feedback on submitted coursework.

Information Technology Students will be encouraged to locate suitable material on the web and to apply it appropriately to their own work. Students will also be expected to word-process their work and make use of Blackboard. These skills will not be formally assessed. Personal Development and Career planning Students will develop a range of transferable skills, including time management and communication skills, which may help them identify their personal strengths as they consider potential career paths.

Problem solving Students are expected to note and respond to historical problems which arise as part of the study of this subject area and to undertake suitable research for seminars and essays. Research skills Students will develop their research skills by reading a range of texts and evaluating their usefulness in preparation for the coursework and the written examination. Subject Specific Skills Students will develop knowledge of sources and historical literature relating to the Soviet Union and its role in global affairs.